Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just another crazy day!

So, I thought of the many titles this post could have carried. . . "Happy Thanksgiving" "Happy Anniversary" "5 years and 3 Kids Later" "A warm evening in front of a Cozy Blaze" But . . . .as life would have it, none of these fit quite right.

November 22nd marked our 5th anniversary and what a day it was. (I will interject here that Dave is a great husband and in the true spirit of the day brought home a beautiful bouquet of flowers and wooden salad bowl and tongs (as wood is the 5th anniversary object) along with some martinelli's the night before our big day). I guess we should probably consider that our special day as Thanksgiving day went something like this:

Wake up in our freezing cold house to 3 children who may never understand the concept of sleeping in. Leave Dave with all 3 kids while I go to teach a whopping class of 5 people step aerobics late in the morning. Come home to try and scramble to get the family dressed and my fruit salad made for thanksgiving dinner out at my uncle's house. While I am working on this, good old Dallas manages to dump two bottles of sparkly glitter glue out in two different places in our house which would have been much easier to clean up had our kids not recently broke our spot bot. While we're cleaning up this mess, Dallas keeps climbing on top of the counter to get baking chocolate squares from on top of the fridge . .shoving the whole thing in his mouth and then drooling nasty chocolate drool all over. We finally get out of there alive. Did I mention that Brooklyn, who is normally a very good baby is screaming through all of this? yeah, well she continues to scream at my uncle's house so Dave eventually leaves to find someplace open where he can buy infant ibuprofen. In the meantime, dinner is served and I'm still holding an unhappy baby and forget to even take the fruit salad out of the fridge (glad I spent the time to make it ha ha!!) Dave gets back in time to sit down to eat while everyone else is finishing up. We try and give brooklyn ibuprofen, but she pretty much spits it all back out. We spent a couple more hours there mostly just looking at ads and planning our morning for blackout friday. We decide to leave and are leaving the boys with my parents for the night so we get in the car and are on our way.

I check to make sure Dave has the ibuprofen because I grabbed the dropper which was the only thing still on the counter. He tells me he left it on the counter, so we drive back to my uncle's house to find out where it went. My motherly instinct led me straight to interrogate Dallas because if I had to put my money on what kid was behind its disappearance, it would be him, hands down. Well, Dallas in his slowly improving speech is able to answer my question of what happened to the medicine with" It hall gone, I drink it hall gone mommy" He likes to put an "h" at the beginning of any word that starts with a sort of vowel sound. Anyway, he shows me where he put the bottle and sure enough it is completely empty. (Now Dave is glad that he missed most of dinner to go buy ibuprofen so that Brooklyn can spit out her dose and Dallas can drink the remainder of the bottle undercover). We called poison control for well, let's just say not the first time. We're lucky enought that the amount wasn't fatal or anything. . just a little rough on the old kidneys which get the lovely task of processing twice the amount that any kid should have over a period of a few days. They were nice enough to let us know not to give him anymore in the next 24 hours! Good thing since we were all out anyway =). We eventually made it home that night and well . . we went to bed because we were getting up with the baby at 4:30 the next morning to go shopping. I think it will be memorable anyway. Memorable in the same way that my new years eve spent pregnant with Dallas sleeping in a twin bed with Trenton at my parent's house while Dave was in Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl is memorable =).

So what do we have to show after 5 years of marriage?
1. A picture of each of us on our drive home that evening. Doesn't Dave look cute with his "wow this is my life?" face?
2. Two really sexy sons and a cute little girl that had to put up with them. (Just for the record, Dallas put on those underwear, and if you're wondering if he is potty trained. The answer is only if pooping in those backwards underwear later on that day counts.)
3. A dream that perhaps this beautiful fire Dave built in our fireplace a few weeks ago can be a part of our anniversary next year (minus the billowing smoke taking over our house and giving it a nice campfire fresh scent for the next couple of weeks).

For those of you who like country music, I like to think of my life paralleling the country song "Just another day in paradise".

That being said, Happy Anniversary Honey, I love you and oddly enough wouldn't want it any other way! You're the best.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Life after breastmilk

At 6 1/2 months old I realized it was time to let Brooklyn move on. I haven't been anxious to do anything but nurse her, but finally gave in and took pictures as Daddy fed her her first delicious meal of rice cereal this past Saturday. Take note that little Miss Baldy is finally starting to grow some hair. Hooray!

Thrice Turkey Bowl Champions

Saturday was Dave's third annual turkey bowl at school where the different classes battle it out for the title of Turkey Bowl Champions. Dave's class (now third year dental students) were proud to clench the victory yet again after a very soggy morning of football.

More Halloween Fun

Trenton is a ladies' man by default. There seems to be a shortage of boys his age so he always ends up playing with girls. These are the other two members of his sunbeam class at the ward halloween party.
I love my baby girl! She was a much cuter Tinkerbell than I was of course.

Just the girls

My sister, Margaret, was in town for a visit a few weeks ago. We never take any pictures together, so I insisted that we stop and say "cheese" this time before she headed off to the airport. My mom looks a little frightened by the flash, but it's the only shot we took so it'll have to do!

Watching what he eats?

All of my talk of Dallas's poor eating habits has led him to be more conscientious of his diet. He's switched over to spoonfuls of splenda for calorie-free pleasure. Never a dull moment. I'm not sure what I'll do with myself when I get out of the shower and find my house just as it was left. Right now I live with the suspense of what new mess has been created during the short minuets of my shower.