Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another funny Dallas Comment

While delivering Christmas goodies to our neighbors, Dallas started complaining about how cold his hands were so I told him he could go back inside.

His response, "No then the boogie man get me. I have lots of boogers."

Celebrating In Style

We had a Christmas Party a few years ago where the theme was "cheesy sweaters and hot chocolate". Everyone was supposed to dress in ugly holiday sweaters and bring a mug to drink hot chocolate from. We decided to give the sweaters one more try before we all part our separate ways. The sweaters were hideous, 0ur place was crowded, the food was deliciously fattening and the company was fantastic. We had a little photo shoot as families arrived and here are most of the guests . .too bad you can't see their ugly clothes a little better.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes.

Dallas still makes me scream and laugh daily. Yesterday in time out for the umpteenth time Dallas loudly declares, " I hate you mommy. I hate everybody in the whole wide world . .except colors."

I probably should have cried after my three year old told me he hates me, but it was so funny because he is always asking people "What your favorite color?" and then he will tell them that he loves all the colors. So eventhough he hates everyone in the world, he still wanted everyone to know that he likes all the colors.

Today . .Trenton is trying to parent Dallas and I tell him that he's not the parent-he's the brother and someday he will be the daddy. Dallas then tells us, "Yeah and someday I'll be the mommy." We already knew that though as he is planning on nursing in the future.

We're headed to Kentucky!

Dave decided that he likes checking the box labeled "student" when asked to identify his profession . . . in order to try and do this for a few more years he applied to orthodontic residency. Well, many years of hard work at school paid off and and matched at his #1 choice- the University of Louisville. So, we'll be packing up this summer and heading to Kentucky for another 2 years of school. Although sad to leave friends and family here in Portland, we are very happy that he will be able to pursue the career of his choice and even happier that we're getting closer to him being done with school!


For once the forecast was accurate. It began snowing early Sunday morning and continued through most of the day. We ended up with about 4 1/2 inches . .which isn't that significant elsewhere, but in Portland it equals no church, no firesides, pretty much no one leaving their homes since people don't know how to drive in these conditions and the city doesn't have all the right equipment or funds or whatever to clear the roads properly. I-5 (the major interstate) right next to our home was closed in both directions for a while and there were accidents on every major road in the area. Since the temperatures haven't made their way out of the 20s - -nothing has melted and there was no school on Monday (and Dave even had the day off of school for the first time ever). And again today no school for the kids today (unfortunately Dave had to go back). I'm ready to get the kids and myself out of the house . . .but it has been fun to have snow and the boys have been loving it! Here are some pics from the first snow Sunday morning:

Of course the kids came in and enjoyed hot chocolate with marshmallows and stories by the fire to warm up.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Growing like a chubby weed

Picture #1: Lexi at 4 weeks. Picture #2: Lexi at 5 weeks (after her first full 3 hours at church).
As you can see, her face had filled out nicely. She may have been born small, but I had no expectations of that lasting.
Birthweight 6 lbs 15 oz.
2 week check up: 8 lbs 2 oz
(For those of you without kids: the doctors like to see babies back up to their birthweight by 2 weeks. I'd say she is doing okay)
2 month check up: even chubbier I'm sure.

Baby Brittany!

So, last Monday I was noting Lexi's amazing male pattern baldness and, well, it wasn't cute.

So, I get a little ambitious and put my problem solving skills to the test. My solution: shave it clean!

The after math: Now, not only was she sporting a lovely case of baby acne, but she looked like she belonged in the Spears family!

A week later her acne is almost cleared up and I am used to having a bald baby . . .nothing a cute little hat or bow can't fix.