Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Recent Photos

 Day before delivery, she's still as beautiful as ever

 Final picture as a family of 6

 Relaxing on mommy

 The older brothers and sisters waiting their turn at the hospital to hold their new baby sister Ali

 Such a gentle big sis!

 First bath!

 Thanks to severe rain, tornados and flooding we had an indoor easter egg hunt with some neighbors

Lexi's favorite silly face

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happier after a few more hours outside the womb

She's here!

Alexandria (Ali) Veronica Butler
8 lbs 1 oz
22 inches
Born 12:57 pm au natural (which Bri said she would never do again,
though since we're done that won't be an issue). Mom and baby are
doing awesome. Pictures to come.

Get Er Done

Well it's official that Bri's body is really good at getting pregnant
and not so good at getting unpregnant. She will now be 5 for 5 on
getting induced as we have left for the hospital this morning for a
little pitocin push. Here's the last belly shot from this morning, 1
week overdue.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yes, I am still pregnant

I never intended this pregnancy to be a real secret, but apparently we either didn't send a new years card to very many, or Dave signing everyone's names and adding a question mark at the end was a little too subtle.  Either way, I am still pregnant and I love how the little ticker is now just adding days as I continue to go past my due date.  I promise I will make Dave update the blog when there is any news to share.  (Like Briana just birthed a 10 lb girl!)

Taken about 38 weeks pregnant (yes I chose this one cause I fee like it actually makes me look small . . .wish I  could say that was still the case.

February and March

Dave attended a leadership and orthodontics conference in San Diego at the end of February . .I got to be single mom for a while and the kids got t-shirts upon his return.  
I've continued running during this pregnancy . .well up until this week when I finally vowed not to run in an attempt to  actually let my body relax and go into labor or something.  . .which obviously hasn't worked.
On March 12 at 8 months pregnant I ran in the rodes city 10K, a race that is part of the triple crown.  The 3 older kids did the fun run that followed.  I was bummed not to do all the races again this year, but this helped me to feel a part.  Not to mention the looks and comments I got to be amused by while running.
Here were the stats:

Briana Butler #1819
Pewee Valley, KY
Age: 28 Gender: F
Clock Time59:50
Chip Time52:44
Overall Place1554 / 7958
Gender Place358 / 4435
Division Place90 / 702

Brooklyn doing a little pre-race stretching
I gave up on having them smile and snapped this before bed on Saint Patricks Day