Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Melting . . .Melting!!!

When I first found out I was pregnant and started calculating my due date, I realized I would be living large through the summer and began dreading those days where temps linger around 100 and I would be stuck with small children in a home without a/c. Well, this week those days arrived and it was miserable just as I anticipated. We tried to find refuge in our kiddie pool, sprinklers, fountains at the park, the mall, the gym and we were able to cool off occasionally. The nights were uncomfortable and I fear the kids are always going to want to sleep in nothing but underwear or diapers (or completely nude as we found Dallas in the middle of the night once this week) from now on. It has cooled off to the mid 90s today and is suprizingly pleasant comparatively speaking.

A little bit of SoCal does a Relationship Good

Dave and I took advantage of the chance to visit San Diego last weekend without the kids and witness my good friend Bret tie the knot. We laugh because he and his now wife Courtney actually met for the first time the same weekend that Dave and I hung out for the first time. Here we are close to seven years later and we are about to have our fourth child and they are just getting married. Maybe it's the difference between being LDS and not or more likely... ....Dave and I just learn really slowly. Either way, we had a fabulous weekend! We have come to the realization that we are different people when it is just the two of us. We are both much more fun to be around and it's amazing how much we actually get to enjoy each other's company when it isn't just for the seconds in between changing dirty diapers, wiping faces, refereeing fights, cleaning up messes and falling asleep at night. We joke (but this goes along with the whole 99% of sarcasm is truth) that we are already so embarassed by our lack of control over three kids and we're about to have another one. Wish us luck and hopefully a few more weekend get aways over the next several years! Anyway, back to our trip:
We did what we rarely get to do: laid out on the beach and by the pool, swam in the ocean and in the pool, took long leisurely walks, went out to eat, went shopping (aka RELAXED). It was the first trip away from the kids where I actually didn't "miss" them . . I think I could have stayed several more days before that sentiment kicked in. The wedding was absolutely beautiful, just what one would expect on a beach in San Diego at a resort called Paradise Point. Gorgeous flowers, delicious food, amazing decor, long lost friends, a stunning bride and groom and lots of fun!