Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shake Your Booty

A recent Valentines Day package from Oma included two small princess dolls: Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. However, when asking Brooklyn what her dolls names were she informed us they were "Cinderella" and "Shake Your Booty". We initially thought it was a mistake but to this day it is still "shake your booty" to her and we find it so funny that neither Dave nor I have any desire to correct her. Although we are thinking about correcting our choice of music that we let her dance to . . .since I'm pretty sure that's the source of the mix up.

Before leaving a friends' home on Sunday evening, Dallas had filled his pockets up with a small collection of toys-luckily Trenton caught him in the car and we were able to return all the toys before driving away (or so we thought until we got home and discovered he had still laid claim to one hidden lego-man . . that's another story for another day). Not knowing what to do with our little kleptomaniac, Dave is telling Dallas that that is stealing and it is wrong and against the law and that he needs to pray to Heavenly Father and ask for forgiveness .. . Brooklyn promptly interrupts at this point and tells Dallas, "Yah, and Jesus spank your bottom."

All we could do was laugh and laugh . .. part of the funniness again comes from her high pitched little voice.