Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just the Girls

So, I was the first to abandon ship so to speak in college. AKA: leave the apartment of 6 girls when I tied the knot. Then, I started having kids and haven't really stopped. Because of that, I've subsequently missed almost all of their weddings and haven't spent a lot of time with the "girls" since.
More than seven years have passed since I left the apartment nest and I finally made it to an event with everyone. We all met up for a girls' holiday weekend getaway in San Diego to celebrate the upcoming baby of Jonnelle. It was well worth the effort it took to get out there (and I'm hoping Dave thinks it was worth the effort it took for him to be single dad for 3 full days). He did a fantabulous job . . .all the kids were alive and happy when I got home and the house was even tidy with clean laundry all ready to be folded. Thank you honey!
I got to spend my time actually running outdoors, eating a lot, breathing in the ocean air, and not having to care for anyone but myself. . . kind of nice to have that experience once in a while.

We ate some delicious food at:

Jonnelle introduced a few people to edomame that had never tried it before
After getting a manicure, Robyn proved she has a future in hand modeling should her current line of work ever fall through.

I enjoyed being the filling in a Tracy or Tracie sandwich on the beach
We waited forever to get a table at BJs Brewhouse, but left fat and happy at the end of the night
Tracy and I have been friends since we were five or six when we bonded by selling Girl Scout cookies together as Brownies. It's so fun to still keep in touch with her after all these years and see that she's still the virtually the same.

Hodad's burgers did not disappoint . . .YUM!!! Thanks to Tracy for catching this one on diners, drive ins and dives.
The freshly pedicured toes in this shot show that we come in all shapes and tones, but hey we all have 5 toes!
Waiting at the Port of San Diego while the Tracy and Tracie finished up their tour of the USS Midway.
It was a blast. Can't wait to see the babies of Jonelle and Tracy and get together again sometime down the road.

Girly Things

Here is a photo from a typical day showcasing Brooklyn's interest obsession with handbags.

I think she may have a problem.

Friday, January 8, 2010