Friday, January 18, 2008


I often chuckle at my children's prayers as they tend to inform Heavenly Father what has taken place and what is going to take place rather than the traditional giving thanks for what they have and asking for blessings. One of Trenton's recent prayers was a little more traditional and ended something like this. . . . . "Bless our pizza because we are having pizza. And pizza is so yummy, but it's a little bit hot so we drink our spicy drink***. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen" It's kind of cute to hear a kid pray no matter what they say and their innocence just makes it that much funnier when they do end up being comical. ***For anyone not around my kids frequently this is what Trenton decided soda (or anything carbonated) is called and it has become part of our family's vocabulary.

The difference between boys and girls

I took the kids to the children's museum during Trenton's winter break from school. They have this little place for kids to paint their faces there and I always find it amusing to see their final masterpieces. All of the little girls there are usually walking around with a cute little heart or butterfly or a little kitten nose with whiskers painted on (cleary the careful work of a caregiver). Then there are my boys that just try to cover as much of their faces as possible before I ask them to let another child have a turn. The picture above is actually post Trenton cleaning off his face. I'll just have to wait another year to try my heart painting skills out on Brooklyn. I also don't make them clean it off until they want to so they went to the gym that night looking like characters from Lord of the Flies or something.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Zoo Lights 2007

The Oregon Zoo does this big thing called Zoo lights for the holiday season and we finally bundled ourselves up and went this year. When it comes to number of lights, I would say they've got temple square beat. It was just as chilly as Salt Lake though. Dave's dad (pictured above) is proof of the temperature and brutality of the windchill as he gladly placed function above fashion for the evening and adorned himself with a blanket, looking as if he were playing the part of Joseph or something.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hopefully this dress looks better on Brooklyn

Before Christmas I was playing with Dallas' hair and decided it was actually long enough for pigtails. Well, it was all downhill from there . . .out came the bows and dress and soon Dallas decided he was pretending to be his good friend Macie. He has begged several times since then to be "Macie" again, but rest assured that this was a one time deal for me.

Although, I wasn't able to stop his Oma from putting makeup on him and his girl cousin over Christmas. One of my sons likes to wear high heels and the other dresses and makeup. . . . .should I be worried?

Fat Dallas part II

Seriously, where did he get these legs? (Sorry, as I find old pictures I can't help but share.) Stay tuned for pictures that were actually taken in the last month rather than two years ago =).