Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Recent Photographs

Lexington and I took a day trip to San Francisco to visit my sister and meet her new boyfriend before we move away. The weather was gorgeous, loved my sister's new beau and had a blast!

Lexi turned 6 months old and got her first taste of something other than breastmilk . .rice cereal.

The little princess Brooklyn turned two on May 4th. Grandpa and Grandma came over for cake, ice cream and presents. She loved singing happy birthday to herself, opening presents and eating sherbert.
Although a little short and chubby and generally pretty dirty, maybe he's got a future in dancing. I took the boys to a fundraiser dance at Trenton's Elementary school on Friday night. These shots totally capture the true goofy, loveable and out of control little guy.

I even got the one in a lifetime experience of teaching him the chicken dance!

Trenton had a blast being torn by his friends in 5 different directions. He told me how nervous he was walking into the dance, but left beaming, proudly declaring that he actually wasn't nervous at all. We'll miss his wonderful little school and he'll surely miss his first real set of friends.

More commentary from Dallas

I know every child is different, but Dallas is truly one of a kind. Some kids make women proud to be mothers and other kids perhaps just embarass their mothers. I haven't blogged in quite a while. We've been busy trying to get the condo we're living in sold (a total nightmare trying to keep this place clean with all the kids and then disappear when it needs to be shown . .an offer has been accpeted though so cross your fingers that everything works out as planned). We're also preparing for the upcoming changes, moving (although exactly when and where is still TBD) and then right near the top of list of things that have been keeping me busy is Dallas. His latest tricks, embarassments, blunders, call them whatever you want include:

1. A new found passion for peeing in the garbage cans that are next to the toilets in our house.
2. Eating half a mini meatloaf yesterday before I put them in the oven (yes totally raw . .gross!)
3. Somehow managing to wear a diaper to bed and still completely fill the dipaer and either take it off in the middle of the night and wet the bed or just completely leak through the diaper so that I get to wash his sheets daily.
4. Great reviews every time I pick the kid up from preschool. great= "you, me and dallas need to sit down and have a little talk", "he had a really rough day today", "today was really bad", etc, etc., etc. They're very nice about it, but I have a feeling his preschool teachers aren't mourning too much the fact that we're moving and he won't be returning next year.
5.Underage drinking. Dallas has already done something in life that I've never done=taste alcohol. At a talent show at the dental school sneaky little Dallas always looking for something more to eat or drink regardless of what it is or who it belongs to grabbed a nearly empty glass of beer off of a table and gulped it down.. As I turned around I see him spitting all over the floor, shaking his head and saying matter of factly "That is so yucky!"

I'm going to ramble off a few recent experiences with Dallas for journal purposes. Feel free to read on if you're bored.

Sunday we had just gotten home from church and the kids are playing outside in our courtyard with the front door open. Suddenly I hear a male voice (not Dave's at the front door so I peak my head around from the kitchen and there is one of our neighbors, "I just wanted to let you know your son is out here with no pants on. That may fly in Europe but not so much here. I hurry out the door to see the kid totally popping a squat next to the community mailboxes. Embarassed, I run after him as my neighbor calls out, "Oh, and Happy Mothers Day" Yeah thanks buddy.

We get to the grocery store, Dallas jumps out of the car and darts across the parking lot. I chase after him, drag him back to the car to get the girls and explain to him that he can't just run in the street like because he's going to get hit by a car, die and never see Daddy, Mommy, Trenton, Brooklyn or Lexi again. (I purposefully left out the whole gospel perspective just trying to scare some sense into the kid). His response . . .. yes huh . .I can get to see them on Easter. Good job primary teachers . . .he kind of gets the whole concept of resurrection, but now I don't know how to keep him from running out in the street.

Dallas was fascinated by a recent visit from a plumber fixing a pipe leak under our place. I couldn't get the kid to come inside and he was pestering the poor plumber with 101 questions and some advice on his work as well. I finally bring Dallas inside and explain to him that he needs to leave the man alone so he can do his work or he's going to get in trouble from his boss. "What's a boss?" he asks. It's the person in charge of you at work . .like at the gym I have a boss. He thought on this and the next time I turned around he was back outside announcing to the plumber that daddy was his boss and mommy was daddy's boss. The plumber chuckled and told Dallas that's usually the way it is.

Several days after Dallas's hours spent with the plumber the boys and daddy were outside searching for cool rocks (Trenton's latest obsession). Trenton decides he wants to be a guy that studies rocks so Dave tells him that's called a geologist and Dallas follows it up with "And I want to be the guy that sucks water from under the house."