Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Fourth

We spent the Fourth with Dave's family in Salt Lake. It is always nice to get everyone together. The kids especially love the rare opportunities they get to play with their cousins.

Trenton shows off his glow stick skills while waiting for the fireworks to begin.

Dallas and Kate hamming it up.

Brooklyn taking after her mama by eating lots of brownies.

Trenton, Austin, Luke and Kate.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Visit to Colorado

Dave had a two week break from school beginning the last week of June and we filled it with a camping adventure, a kid-free trip to Colorado and a family excursion to Salt Lake. The trip to Colorado was great. . . . 3 full days with just the two of us and lots of reunions with long lost college roommates and friends. We stayed with one of my old roommates, Tracie, who is just weeks away from having her first baby. Watching her did not make me excited to reach those end stages of pregnancy, but she looks great and I can't wait for her to experience the joys of motherhood. Thank you Troy and Tracie for the fantastic weekend.
What do people do on planes

when there not just trying to

keep kids quiet anyway?
After dinner in downtown Denver, we walked to a nearby outdoor concert where we stayed rather briefly to hear Gnarles Barkley rock out. Dave just wanted to make himself look awkward as the 5th wheel while I took the picture.

We posed in front of Union Station for a quick "deer in headlights" photo.

Tracie, Robin and I taking a break from the concert.

Photo Morphing

As I was browsing some old photos I came across a fun hobby of mine I haven't done in a long time: Photo Morphing. Man was it entertaining.

For example:
What my brother, sister, and I willlook like when we get old...
Dad + Mom