Saturday, February 16, 2008

My attempt at a hobbie

I've always found photography interesting and photoshop even more fun. Bri took some photo classes in high school and I've convinced her to rekindle her interest so that we can have something to be "passionate" about together. It can be hard to find those things sometimes as a couple but they are an amazing blessing when they are found. Hopefully this can be one for us. Here is a link to some of my attempts at photography.

What "passion" do you share with a loved one?


Lisa said...

Very impressive. The pic of Brooklyn at the top is my favorite! What a great glance to catch!

Mommyof4 said...

Ok you need to enter Brooklyn in some kind of a baby contest--those eyes!!!!! Potterybarnkids cataloge has a baby contest--they put her in the catalog and I have heard you win prizes.

Jenna said...

Those pictures of her are beautiful! Yes you should enter her into a baby contest...she is the cutest thing! (not that the boys weren't/aren't). I can't believe how much they grow in such a short time. Thanks for always updating the pictures...its fun to see them grow. Tell the boys I loved their thank you note! =)

Kelsey Ann said...

I love the photography and what you have done with photoshop. Those are two things that I will some day be good at. Right now I have to get this mom/wife thing down:)
And what a great idea to have a hobby together!
And yes, I too agree that Brooklyn would win any baby contest she was entered into!

Lachelle said...

Lachelle and I are both passionate about seeing the worst in any situation, or person. It is probably the number one reason we're still together. Also, we're passionate about Keyton taking long naps every day.