Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair

Brooklyn and I took a quick trip to San Franisco in February. Our primary objectives were to visit Elk Grove to see how it has changed and catch up with some old friends, attend a yoga workshop to keep up my CECs and of course visit the Bermans (Margaret and Seth). We fit it all in and got beautiful weather on top of everything. The only picture I took with friends was the one with Jenny and Lindsay, but it was fun to see Diana, Jill and Shelli too. I love that while we all grow up, we all stay the same (except Jill . . .when did you graduate from Tomboy to beautiful lady?) So, here are some pics to document the trip.

Brooklyn was a very cute and well behaved sidekick.

Jenny, me and Lindsay. We're a few years beyond all three of us sleeping in twin bed, skinny dipping in the middle of the night and running sprints in basketball 'til some of us puked. But, still the same at heart. It was so fun to see you. Come visit Oregon!!!

Here lizard lizard. Nice tongue Maggs!

Woah. Easy on the tongue there.

It was great to spend time with my sister: just being goofy and hanging out. We had a few rough patches growing up (like trying to make our own rooms by hanging a sheet down the middle of our shared room because we "loved" each other that much, but what can I expect since I was apparently a bratty goody two shoes who would wake up singing primary songs and only cry if picked on while my mom or dad were in the same room. Hey what are little sisters for? I can only hope that Brooklyn can someday have a sister that will grow up to be her best friend. I love you Maggs!

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Scott and Jamie said...

That's so cool you still keep in contact with girls from high school... good for you! I haven't even been back to Elk Grove for like 7 years since my mom moved away. Sounds like you had fun!