Friday, May 23, 2008

The Real Zoo

Since we pretty much already live in a zoo at our house (in addition to the combination of good weather and Trenton's day off school last Friday) the kids and I headed to the real zoo where at least my children's behavior is a bit more acceptable. Brooklyn sat there and looked cute in the stroller. The boys plugged their ears to block the load roars of the tyrannosaurus rex at the dinosaur exhibit and I wasted yet more money on another trip on the zoo train to culminate the day. Only daddy could have made the day more complete, but we're holding out for the future days when hopefully Fridays will mean a day off of work for him.


Drew said...

This is Jenna and Drew...adorable pictures! I noticed something new on there!!! =) Miss you guys and hope to see you on a future trip to UT!

Sarah said...

I just discovered that you guys have a blog! And expecting too! Yipee? When do you find out what your having?