Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Fourth

We spent the Fourth with Dave's family in Salt Lake. It is always nice to get everyone together. The kids especially love the rare opportunities they get to play with their cousins.

Trenton shows off his glow stick skills while waiting for the fireworks to begin.

Dallas and Kate hamming it up.

Brooklyn taking after her mama by eating lots of brownies.

Trenton, Austin, Luke and Kate.


CrAzYfUnFaMiLy said...

hey brianna, this is jessica (mckinnon) hakes..... cute blog and beautiful kids!! i last saw you your little boy was so little!! so cute!!

Bacchus Family said...

So I'm not a good comment-er. Better late than never- I think for baby number 4 (crazy by the way) you should stick with a US cities like the rest of your babies. Hope things are going well.

Bacchus Family said...

Oh by the way- I've been quiet for a long time but can you fix my last name on your blog for me. I'm sure it was a typo-
B A C C H U S. Thanks so much!