Tuesday, December 16, 2008


For once the forecast was accurate. It began snowing early Sunday morning and continued through most of the day. We ended up with about 4 1/2 inches . .which isn't that significant elsewhere, but in Portland it equals no church, no firesides, pretty much no one leaving their homes since people don't know how to drive in these conditions and the city doesn't have all the right equipment or funds or whatever to clear the roads properly. I-5 (the major interstate) right next to our home was closed in both directions for a while and there were accidents on every major road in the area. Since the temperatures haven't made their way out of the 20s - -nothing has melted and there was no school on Monday (and Dave even had the day off of school for the first time ever). And again today no school for the kids today (unfortunately Dave had to go back). I'm ready to get the kids and myself out of the house . . .but it has been fun to have snow and the boys have been loving it! Here are some pics from the first snow Sunday morning:

Of course the kids came in and enjoyed hot chocolate with marshmallows and stories by the fire to warm up.


tracie said...

Brooklyn doesn't look like she's a fan of the snow. Love the pic of Dallas. Merry Christmas!!!!!

Em said...

I remember Justin had a couple days off of school for the snow, its was great! 4 1/2 inches isn't a lot, but it's certainly more then we have. It looked like a great relaxing day!

Jenna said...

I'm with Tratice, Brooklyn didn't seem to like the snow...but it is cold so I completely understand. I'm feeling your 4" though...we just got that today, and we're expecting more Thursday and Friday. Oh the joys of winter!