Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Spirit of the Lousiville Slugger

I feared the boys being bored out of their minds moving here in the middle of summer-being at home all day everyday and not having any friends-so I was very quick to find the YMCA and sign them up for tee-ball. This is one of those times where it paid off to have our kids so close together as they got to be on the same team in the 4/5 year old division. This is their first exposure to baseball so it's been fun to watch how they respond. We also visited the Louisville Slugger Factory/Museum per Trenton's birthday request and posed for a photo in front of the huge bat. They've now had two games and we've decided that Trenton can hit pretty well although he seems to like to send line drives right to the first baseman (luckily none of these little kids can even stop the ball and if they do, it takes them a few minutes to remember to then go and tag the base. Dallas complains a lot about being hot and tired and I think the only reason he gets excited about games is for the snacks and drinks that follow, but he's still fun to watch and although he's by far the shortest on the team at least has the left-handed thing going for him.

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