Monday, August 3, 2009

The Circus at the Zoo

What's wrong with this picture?? The fact that it is just two moms with 7 1/2 children (my firend is pregnant) and not a daycare. At least it seems others think something is wrong becuase they are always staring!! I know we are entertaining and most people are just thinking "glad that's not me" as they politely comment "wow, you've got your hands full." I think I am going to continue to agree with them and then politely ask if they'd like to help.
I don't venture out too often with all the kids because really it's hard to keep track of all of them let alone try to keep them behaving appropriately. But sometimes we just have to get out so we do and we walk around in our happy (at times anyway) little bubble and ignore the fact that everyone else is staring wondering why anyone would have that many little kids so close together.
Last week we took a day trip to the Louisville Zoo with our new friends. We had done this once before and miraculously spent all day there without any naps, major tantrums, issues etc. I should have known our luck had worn out before expecting such wonders again. This round was sprinkled with a lot more whining, tantrums. arguments, etc, but it was still fun. The Portland Zoo is huge and great and I think I'd have to say this zoo is just as good if not better. It's similar in size but seems to have a better variety of animals to look at. It also boasts a tram, carousel, playground and splash park in addition to the traditional seasonal attractions and train.
The lowlight of the trip is a toss up between Brooklyn's tantrum where she bailed out of the stroller and ended up with a huge bleeding goose egg on the side of her head and our time spent by all the snakes where I got to watch a cottonmouth repeatedly strike the glass anytime a person would get close (freaky aggressive snake!) or watching a rattlesnake ingest its lunch-a lovely little mouse. I HATE snakes. They absolutely creep me out and this did not help anything. The only joy I found was pointing out a California King Snake to the kids and telling them that they eat rattlesnakes.
Otherwise I spent the weekend as a sinlge mom as Dave was out of town for a conference and I somehow managed to keep track of my friend's kid for one of those days and nightsas well as a favor to my friend who was also out of town. The kid is the same age and has a similar temperment to Dallas . .need I say more? I've decided that sometimes the more challening they are to take care of the more they make you laugh though.
As I was nursing Lexi he says, "Is she drinking your milk?"
"I like it when my brother drinks from mommy's boobies"
Oh, why?
"Because I like boobies."
What a little man he is at the ripe age of four.
I am finding joy in motherhood . .because I love my children while wondering if being a man is really all that bad? I've always appreciated not being a father who feels the weight and stress of being the head and provider for a family. Then weekends like this make me realize being a man also has its perks.
Weekend in review:
Mother-stay at home with 5 kids
Father-travel to an ortho conference for golf tournament, cocktail party, movie, banquets and "networking"
Really which one would you pick?
Okay, I've given it a lot of thought and I'd still pick mom because being here to take care of my family is my passion and I truly feel like I am doing what I was meant to do and find great satisfaction in that. (But I'd totally be okay for a weekend getaway here and there. I guess I'll cash in on those when the kids are a little older and we hopefully have a few more resources to foot the bill.) For now I'll bask in the days where I get to soak up the sun while the kids are napping, enjoy the chaotic day trips to the zoo, enjoy staying in bed when the kids decide to sleep in and treasure the moments while my babies are still babies cause I already see them slipping away too quickly.


Daisha said...

Well I'm glad you survived the weekend. It sure was nice to have Cole home again, however he was exhausted from staying out so late being the designated driver for his classmates. One day we'll be able to tag along for these conferences and shop and sleep and eat and relax -one day, one day.

it's just lisa said...

awesome. sometimes i wonder if we are living the same life.

miss ya

Gibson Family said...

I am with you Bri...I think men do have most things easier but I wouldn't trade being a mom to my 3 crazy kids for anything.

Erin said...

I'm glad you survived the GORP weekend without too many incidents. It actually went better than I thought it would for us, I think I was being blessed :)

Sarah said...

That same thing happens to me and a friend all the time. We too have 7 kids combined and she's 8 months prego. It's crazy the looks and stares you get. It's hard at times but they're the ones missing out right!

Kali said...

Bri. Love your blog. Your family stories are great. Just had my first... and I have had a few moments where the big family I had pictured in my head seems crazy. But then I read blogs like yours and remember that it is all worth it. The humor you find in it all makes me laugh and is refreshing.

Bacchus Family said...

I applaud you. I don't even like to take Charles to Target by myself, unless we get an Icee (which we always do). Sometimes I wish I went to less workshops and more zoos.

The Campbell Clan said...

We miss you here! I like how you keep it real in your posts...almost like you are telling the story face to face. Love it. Those weekends are tough and you are a brave woman!
You are doing great!

Sofia D. Hoiland said...

You are so funny! We miss you all here in P-town. I am glad to hear that the weight of motherhood doesn't make you tired but rather stronger! Feel the burn! That's why you are an aerobics teacher!

Gwen said...

I pick mommy too!!! I love your sense of humor and how your write things. You should write a book! I loved the milk from your mommies boobies thing... HILARIOUS! And the reason they are staring is because of how beautiful you and your family are and how you seem to keep your cool - ALWAYS! Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

Who was that crazy lady with you? She must be amazing too, willing to venture out with so many kids! lol (Brian)
what a great way to end our FHE. thanks for the giggles and testimony of motherhood. (amy)

Kelsey Ann said...

you are an amazing woman! I honestly enjoy reading about your hectic life and how awesome you handle the stress. It makes me say 'suck it up kelsey.'