Friday, December 24, 2010

A Gingerbread Village

So we've learned that it's a lot less trouble using graham crackers than actually baking gingerbread since it's going to be quickly devoured anyway by the children.  This year we decided to let each of the children make their own.  When we piled them all in the microwave to keep them out of child's reach we thought it kinda looked like a village, thus a new tradition was born.  Here is the first annual Butlerville Christmas village (soon to be destroyed by Dallaszilla).


vicki rose said...

love it!!!

Curtis & Nichole said...

wow super impressive butlerville:)

Sorry about the most special memorable big celebration day for you guys:) and yes motherhood is grand (hehe)

Hope you guys had a nice Holiday Season!

Sarah said...

Hey Bri, this comment is for the potty training post but it wasn't working for me. At any rate, that is the worst! But think of the bribery you'll get to do with that one. How are you guys? Where you guys headed when your done with school?