Wednesday, April 13, 2011

February and March

Dave attended a leadership and orthodontics conference in San Diego at the end of February . .I got to be single mom for a while and the kids got t-shirts upon his return.  
I've continued running during this pregnancy . .well up until this week when I finally vowed not to run in an attempt to  actually let my body relax and go into labor or something.  . .which obviously hasn't worked.
On March 12 at 8 months pregnant I ran in the rodes city 10K, a race that is part of the triple crown.  The 3 older kids did the fun run that followed.  I was bummed not to do all the races again this year, but this helped me to feel a part.  Not to mention the looks and comments I got to be amused by while running.
Here were the stats:

Briana Butler #1819
Pewee Valley, KY
Age: 28 Gender: F
Clock Time59:50
Chip Time52:44
Overall Place1554 / 7958
Gender Place358 / 4435
Division Place90 / 702

Brooklyn doing a little pre-race stretching
I gave up on having them smile and snapped this before bed on Saint Patricks Day


Sarah said...

You're my hero Bri! I can't believe you ran a 10k 8 months pregnant while keeping the each mile averaging less than a minute! Your amazing!! I wish I had been that diligent with all my pregnancies. No wonder you look so dang good! Can't wait to hear about the new one!

marissa said...

I can't believe you. I bet you were getting some crazy looks. You look awesome!

tracie said...

You put me to shame. The only way you could've gotten me to "run" a 10k at this point would be to roll me all the way to the finish line. And even if you did that, you'd still probably beat my time if I weren't pregnant. Way to go!!!!!

Aunt Viv said...

Congratulations!! You look great for being 38 weeks!

Erin said...

Nice work keeping up the running! I've become a pretty slow runner lately, and I'm only 17 weeks!