Monday, April 18, 2011

Get Er Done

Well it's official that Bri's body is really good at getting pregnant
and not so good at getting unpregnant. She will now be 5 for 5 on
getting induced as we have left for the hospital this morning for a
little pitocin push. Here's the last belly shot from this morning, 1
week overdue.


Daisha said...

I've been dying to bug you all week, but knew it wouldn't help things along so I refrained! So sorry you had to wait all this time Bri! You look fabulous (like you're ready to head out on the town- not have a baby) and best of luck today. Can't wait to see her!

Kali said...

So I know I said post another pregnant pic in hopes that we will all feel better about our pregnant selves... Nope, def. didn't work. lol. Yup, I second the "good at being pregnant" part. You look awesome! Can't wait to meet the babe!

Lachelle said...

Are you wearing makeup?! Come one, having a baby is a serious workout, especially sans drugs and no time for makeup. Although I'm sure you looked beautiful as you pushed that sucker out! You go girl.