Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Whole New Meaning to Couch Potato

The kids latest tv viewing arrangement looked something like this. Who needs a couch when you've got an infant carseat and a laundry basket? Even Brooklyn was lucky enough to join in on the fun this time.

It's cute when little girls play dress up in mommy's clothes, I haven't decided what it is when boys do it though. This is not the first time Trenton has worn my "hooker" boots. In fact, I just saw pictures from him wearing them last winter. I guess there's something fun about the challenge of walking in heels. Maybe we should let him dress up like a witch for Halloween instead of Spiderman like he wants?


Jenna said...

Following in his mom's footsteps... =)

Em said...

I love these pictures of your kids and You HAVE BEEN TAGGED! Please go to my web blog to see how the rules work