Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Put that baby back in your tummy

Dallas continues to amuse me daily. While nursing Lexi a couple of days ago we had the following conversation:

Dallas pointing to the bassinet next to my bed, "Dis Lexi's bed?"


Dallas- Why Lexi sweep (translation- sleep) in your woom?

Me-Where else could she sleep?

Dallas -Her can sweep in Brooklyn's woom.

Me- Well, baby likes to eat a lot during the night so I keep her close to me.

Dallas- Where our next baby gonna sweep?

Me-You think we should have another baby?

Dallas- Yeah.

Me- I think we'll have to get a new house. You sure you want another baby?

Dallas- Yes, I wanna boy one dis time cause I don't want fwee girls. The new baby can sweep in my woom (standing in only his underwear and pointing to his nipples) cause my miwk come out of dees things.

Me- (chuckle chuckle)

Dallas-So put dat baby back in your tummy.

Me- (chuckle chuckle)

Dallas- Put dat baby away. Put it back in your tummy. I wanna boy one.

So, if by some miracle we decide to have another child someday and it happens to be a boy (since I would be required to put the girl back in my tummy) I am off the hook for round the clock feeding since Dallas will have the nursing covered.


Michelle said...

love it! you're kids are so adorable. I'm glad that everything went well with the delivery. You are a strong woman to take care of so many. What a cute mom!

Scott and Jamie said...

Dallas is one funny kid... sounds like handling 4 kids at once is going good for you. Cole only woke up once last night so things are looking better for me. It'd be fun if you guys came out here for Ortho School... let us know where you guys end up!

Jenna said...

Hahaha! That is so funny! Dallas is quite the funny one. I hope you guys do have another one so I can at least have one child the same age as yours! =)

Carolee said...

That is hilarious! What a little smarty and problem solver Dallas seems to be. I love his cute little words too. So, congratulations by the way, on your beautiful little girl! I hope you are holding up ok. I can't imagine taking care of so many little ones. Way to go!

Kali said...

Bri- your stories crack me up. Seems there is never a dull moment in your home. :)You have a great sense of humor about it all.

Mommyof4 said...

Oh your day to day life makes me laugh, although it probably makes you want to cry!

Sarah said...

That is the cutest story!! I love it! Dallas taking over feedings will ensure you get lots more sleep at night too! : )

Bacchus Family said...

The faux-hawk comes and goes. We would do it more if it wasn't ruined after the first nap. So it seems like you are hanging in there. Never a dull moment at your house. That is how my house was growing up and I love it- most of the time :). The good and bad news is that they won't be little forever.

shelly said...

I just love the everyday stories that come from raising kids.
None of my kids have offered to breastfeed though. Dallas is very thoughtful