Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What do your kids do for "fun"?

I know everyone thinks that his or her own kids are perfect, but let's get real . . .that was a one time occurance on this earth so I want to know what makes your kids less than perfect. Most kids will do something really funny/annoying every now and then, but I want to know the things along these lines that your little ones do repeatedly. I am going to make my own list to contribute and then when I am old and missing the days when my kids were little and cute, I will look back at this list and hopefully not miss my kids being young quite as much (okay I'll probably still miss that stage, but maybe this list will make me laugh more in the future rather than yell, cry and roll my eyes like it does in the present.


*sleeps all day, awake all night

*always drops a load right after I've changed her diaper, or better yet, as I am chaning her diaper . .nothing like being shot from the behind (literally)

*projectile vomit anyone? again, right after she's just been dressed in a clean outfit


*empties any diaper wipes, kleenex boxes, toilet paper rolls that she can get her hands on in 5 seconds flat

*makeup here, there, everywhere . . .there are many days that I don't ever get around to dolling up so one would think that I wouldn't go through makeup very quickly. And, that would be the case if Brooklyn didn't have a knack for sneaking into the bathroom and applying mascara to her face, hair and the floor/ eating lipgloss/ dumping out foundation and powders, etc. etc.

*whiner- she will not stop whining until she gets what she wants . .which is fine unless we're in public and then it can be a little embarassing


*clogged toilets . . .could someone please explain to this kid for the umpteenth time that he doesn't need an entire roll of toilet paper to wipe his behind and actually have him still remember the next time he visits the john.

*Food, food, food. this list alone could be published as a novel, but his latest was getting into unopened boxes of jello not once but twice in the same day. The second time he was successful in dumping the entire thing out on the floor of his bedroom as he gleefully licked handfulls of cherry flavored powder. His hands washed up just fine, unfortunately knowing that the second the jello on the carpet got wet the red dye would kick in . .I decided to just vacuum it up instead. The downside. . there is still a nice large spot of pink tinted carpet in his room waiing like a timebomb for a run in with liquid. The upside-everytime I vacuum our house is now filled with the pleasant scent of cherry candy.

*spills-He is incapable of making it through a meal without spilling his drink. Okay, maybe he's done it a couple of times, but our solution for the remaining 99% of the time that he does spill is give him about an ounce at a time . .which means Dave and I spend our meals pouring beverages rather than eating.

*Backwards-Dallas puts on every article of clothing backwards about 90% of the time. . . .shirt, underwear, pants, shoes. Most days I don't care, but when I do want him to look somewhat presentable. . it means 5 extra minutes of prep time getting him redressed the right way.

*wet diapers-this kid will probably wear diapers at night until he's 20 . .hopefully at 20 he won't still take them off in the morning and just leave them on the floor for all to smell and on a really go0d day step on with a barefoot.


*Cologne-Dave keeps his cologne on a shelf in our bathrrom that the boys can access by standing on the toilet. For some reason, both boys think this is some type of hair styling product and are forever coming out with heads drenched in Calvin Kelin Euphoria. Are you beginning to smell our house yet . .. .dirty diapers, cherry jello and now cologne . . . .mmmmmmmmmmm.

*Bully-everyday when Trenton gets home from school there is an immediate mood shift in our house. The energy level goes up about 75% and the crying spells are much m0re frequent as he constantly pesters Brooklyn by taking her blanket, doll, chair or whatever object he knows she will cry for until she gets it back and bugging Dallas with the incessant hit, push, kick, tap, etc. Isn't the oldest child supposed to be helpful in tending to the younger ones? Maybe I would have had more luck had he not been a boy and been only 5 years old as the oldest child. Is it too late for a redo?

Okay I'm done . . .surely there is more, but that is enough for now. Did I mention that I love my kids? I do. Sure I find them and their reactions and tantrums rediculous at times, but who wouldn't? Kids were meant to make messes, push the limits and test the patience of those tending them . . .that is how both the children and parents learn and grow in this life.

So, back to my original question . .what do your kids do over and over for "fun"? Remind me that I'm not alone in this.


it's just lisa said...

Oh that was so funny. I was laughing out loud at your cherry carpet mess-- good luck with that.

Ok here are my kiddos-

Whitney- cries more then any baby I've ever had and she is not very good with a bottle.

Eliza- scream-cries and won't eat a darn thing (she gets all her nutrition from Whitney's leftover bottles).

Ethan- IS STILL POTTY TRAINING AT 4. Although he caught on quickly he just dosen't care if he dirtys his pants- yuck. And Ethan can cry pretty loud too.

Kylie- also a bully. When she is bored she will tease and push. She can be very aggressive- even her hugs HURT.

Em said...

Let me assure you, your not alone. It's great to realize that we ALL are experiencing similar frustrations.

Ayla-is my agressive one. She knows hitting is wrong, but she doesn't care. She will even say "No hit, time out." However, if she's mad she will hit,kick, scratch, pull hair. I have had to put her on the ground and literally pry her little finger from my hair.

Keanna- Often when I sit down to do an activity with her(mainly homework). I think she deems me as, uncapable, because I am not a teacher.

#3- we are just waiting to see what adventures, she creates.

Mommyof4 said...

I think you have been around our kids enough to know that they all have their thing as well, but it is fun to really sit and think what each one does, so here goes!

Austin--Dramatic, you would think he was a girl by how dramatic he is. cry cry cry (literally tears) about everything!I blame brent's side:) JK.

Luke--thought he was going to be the death of me in the beginning. Getting better but loves to pester Austin, Kate, Zach and Brent. That's everyone in the family! He is always in the middle of what ever fight is going on.

Kate--wow--she will be the death of me! We have daily struggles for who is going to be queen bee around here! The lowest of all lows--she spit in my face the other day--no worries she was taken care of after that one, eventually crying her self to sleep. AAHHH the peace.

Zach--well he's the angel right now, of course he loves to play in the toilet, pour boxes of cereal on the floor, and unroll toilet paper--but I've been through that stuff before!

Well with all that said, I tear up at the thought of them growing up. Or maybe it's because I had 4 hours of sleep last night after watching "TWILIGHT". I love my kids and know that I will look back some day and think --wow that went fast, I don't know what to do with all my free time!

Bacchus Family said...

Charles is going to be a quarter back or a pitcher. He throws everything, even stuff he wants. The wall by his high chair is nicely painted with various "food juices" that didn't come off very well. My favorite is when he throws things at you to get your attention; socks okay but some toys hurt. I have milk splatter everywhere from the darn sippy cup. Also Charles likes to be naked. So every diaper change is a battle. I thought it was funny when I let him go find his dad naked after a bath until he peed on the carpet. Is there a nudist t-ball league anywhere?

Adena and Greg said...

Let's see:

Brayden: Throws everything he can get his hands on. With all that practice you would think he has good aim, but no. Picture frames, lamps, glasses, nothing is safe. Then again, amybe that's we he's aiming for. We'll have a little chat about that.

Tawny: Her favorite place to sit is IN the fireplace. We use it regularly so it constantly has ashes in the bottom. So she spends half her day looking like a chimney sweep. It shouldn't be that hard to keep her out, but it is.

Erin and Ryan said...

I love your stories Bri, they make me laugh. Right now Grant likes to throw his food around at meals and then thinks it's funny when you try to stop/correct him, no matter how serious you sound. Also, timeout doesn't seem to bother him anymore. We have been putting him in his crib for timeout (since he won't stay anywhere), but now he starts playing and jumping around in there, having fun. Oh yeah, and I pretty much have to hold him down with my leg during diaper changes.

Jenna said...

Ah Bri, I do miss you and your stories. Someday, I'm sure I'll start telling the same things to you. And then your kids will be old enough where they won't be doing those things anymore...probably new 'fun' things!

Curtis & Nichole said...

Hey Guys I love the "fun" memories of the kids:) even when their not your kids they are still funny to read because you can relate... as they are so similar to ours:)

P.S. Bri I still think Lexi little head is very cute...and like you said that's why little girls can wear pretty bows!