Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer's coming!!!

This is the last week the kids will be in school so I'm trying to catch up on blogging before summer hits us!
Taken yesterday before church.
The boys have finally figured out soccer and spend more time running, dribbling and scoring than they do rolling on the ground, playing in the dirt and getting caught in the net.
Brooklyn turned 3!  I made the classic Barbie princess cake, she donned her new tutu from Oma all day in public and private and Dave's parents got to be here to help her celebrate.


tracie said...

That dress on Brooklyn looks oddly familiar...Can't wait for summer and to read about your exciting adventures!!

Daisha said...

Wait, you're inlaws came right after the day you got back from DC? You've been one busy girl . . . don't you leave for your next trip soon?! Have fun!

shelly said...

Man they are cute, Bri!

Jenna said...

Great job on the cake!