Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am the mother of young boys so I don't expect the kids bathroom to sparkle and shine except for maybe the  5 minutes immediately following a scrubbing by me.  However, I also don't expect to find urine, hmmmm . . .I'll say more than a 3 foot radius away from the toilet to be safe (again young boys).  So, when I walked into the bathroom yesterday and noticed a yellowish liquid substance half dried on the bathroom counter I was actually caught by surprise.  Using my Sherlock Holmes skills (and my nose) I quickly decide that it is indeed pee and am  instantly calling Dallas's name. 
     "Did you pee on the counter?"
     "Did you pee in the sink," thinking maybe his aim was just as poor using the sink as it is when he uses the toilet.
I can see his little brain churning at this point and am pretty sure my initial response to question him first is well founded so I ask him straight up.
     "Why is there pee on the counter?"
     "When I was peeing in my water gun some of it spilled out."
     "You peed in your water gun?"
     "Yeah and some of it was just spilling out."
Never, never, never ceases to amaze me that child.  Of course I gave him the nice lecture of not peeing in his water gun and that it would end up in the garbage if he ever did it again and then I kind just had to laugh cause what else can I do? It's something a 12 year old boy would do on purpose to play a disgusting prank not a 5 year old who just doesn't really think things through all of the way most of the time.  
     I did track down the super soaker later and gave it a thorough rinsing out, but it still smells like the boys bathroom in elementary school if you know what I mean.  

Then today Brooklyn decided she needed to represent the girls team.    I had just pulled up to a water park to take the kids swimming.  Trenton, Dallas and Brooklyn were out of the car while I was grabbing all of our stuff and Lexi when Trenton frantically says "Uhhh Mommy!!???" and I look up to see Brooklyn in the middle of the parking lot with her swimsuit bottoms completely off as she is watering the asphalt with her urine.  She never even told me she needed to go potty. . . just took matters into her own hands.  Truthfully I really wouldn't have even cared (you know good for you for not peeing in your pants or whatever) except that there are two other mothers with their children also getting out of their cars at the same time who witness the little public potty incident.  Embarrassing!!!  They were understanding or at least not rude . .maybe they just talked about me later.    Again, whatever.  Who needs toilets anyway?


tracie said...

Funny, the first thing that came to mind from reading the title was Dallas peeing on our deck last year. Great memories. :)
No worries though, our neighbor's little boy is just starting up potty training and peed on the sidewalk right outside our house. Lovely.

Sofia D. Hoiland said...

yeah this is hilarious. well at least if a natural disaster happens your children will already have their thinking caps on to get creative... so funny!

Lachelle said...

Oh! I hope we get a companion poop blog post to read!

Scott and Jamie said...

Hilarious... still cracking up as I'm typing. I told my husband the story, and he said he thinks he did that as a kid too. Oh boy, am I in for a shock when my little guy starts doing stuff like that!

Em said...

I have to say what a charachter Dallas is, pee in his water gun hillarious! However, I wouldn't bat an eye over Brooklyn. Everyone over here just pulls there child over to the side and lets them urine on the side of the road. Once we were in a traffic jam and Ayla had to go, so I ran out found a little bush and let her go. So what your telling me is this isn't acceptable in the states?!!

sherryandbryon said...

Hi Bri! This is Sherry Fresh (Glazier, now). Remember me? I saw the link to your blog on Jenna's. Hope you don't mind! Your peeing story is so FUNNY! I was laughing out loud. And that picture of your 4 kids in the post below is so cute! What adorable kids you have. So glad to see what you're up to! And happy you're doing so well. :)

Mommyof4 said...

so funny. i have many a story about the boys and thier bodily fluids. i will have to share--not on here. but it has been funny potty training Zach because all of a sudden he has decided it is really fun to pee outside. such a boy!

Kali said...

I laughed so hard. I can always count on your blog for a story worth reading.

Johnny said...

So funny! I love your blog.

scottandkira said...

Oh, you have the best stories. Or maybe you just tell the best stories. Either way, I appreciate the light hearted feeling I get after reading your blog. If I'm ever down, this is my medicine. Oh, and for when Kaden goes through his "pee in a water-gun" phase can I get the "nice lecture of not peeing in his water gun" uh, lecture? Thanks! kira.

PS- I miss you. Oh and this is a greatly funny post but I don't think anything tops Dallas wanting boobies like his mommie to feed, uh, Lexi I think it was.