Thursday, June 24, 2010


No great stories here, just great memories.  We went on a week long vacation back in May with my parents and my sister, Margaret, and her boyfriend Nick.  Adult to child ratio-6:4.  Who could ask for more?  We couldn't but we got sunshine, beaches, amusement parks, tennis, golf and more anyway.  Thanks family for a wonderful trip!  We couldn't have done it or at least it wouldn't have been nearly as cool without you.Lesson learned-the UV rays are way stronger down in Florida go even heavier on the sunscreen!  
Dallas was totally fearless on all roller coasters, or so we thought until we saw this pic.  Too cute.  He's still way tougher than Trenton though .  Dave tried to get the domesticated squirrel as addicted to diet Dew as he is . . .I think he came close. 
My dad also showed off his responsible side while drinking Diet Dew in the jacuzzi tub with my children and somehow managed to actually break a club while golfing.  Now that's talent . .just don't ask him about his score :)

Brooklyn was suprizingly or naively game for holding a baby alligator while we were out shopping.

Brooklyn was drawn to the same part of Belle that Daddy was.  Who knew Disney Princesses were so provocative?


Jenna said...

How fun! Drew saw this and he is jealous of the golf...maybe while you're still in that neck of the woods, we'll make it down there for them to golf together. I really don't know why he is jealous, considering he golfs all the time! Everyone looks like they had a fun time!

Mommyof4 said...

Looks so fun! I always get the best giggle when I read your blog! Love it! Can't wait for you all to hopefully move back west again! miss you!

shelly said...

Sounds like a good vacation :)