Sunday, November 2, 2008

Some like it hot hot hot!

So, we bought the boys season tickets to the family movie matinee program where they feature a different kids' movie each week and parents get to go along for free. We've been to 2 out of the 4 shown so far. Dave took the kids to Wall-E a couple of weeks ago and yesterday it was my turn and I took them to see Space Chimps. Cute movie. About 3/4 of the way through the movie, Dallas gets all panicky and starts crying. I turn to look at him by my side and find that he has shoved a red hot up his nose. I tell him to blow it out, which he tries... only in vain. I tell Trenton to stay put and quickly escort Dallas out of the theater. Out in the lobby he is freaking out, but I finally manage to milk the red hot out of his nostril and clean up the "Red Hot" snot now running out of his nose. Upon returning to our seats I got to be entertained for the remainder of the movie, not by the Space Chimps, but my OWN chimp enjoying the tasty discovery of CINNAMON FLAVORED BOOGERS.

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Troy said...

Oh Dallas, you've finally become a man! Enjoy the Cinnamon boogers