Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sundays at our new house

I like Sundays. I'm not exhausted because I've had Dave's help with the kids and our evenings allow for time for me to force family walks upon everyone. Last week we took a walk to a nearby Confederate Graveyard. I need to study up on my US history but I believe Kentucky had soldiers that fought for both sides. It was really cool to see all of the headstones for the confederate soldiers that are buried there. The kids were spent by the time we started walking back (have I mentioned Dallas is like the laziest kid ever when it comes to exerting physcial energy). As you can see I ended up with Brooklyn on my shoulders and Dallas took a ride in the pink stroller.

I also like our new house. Tons more room and brand new so we get to claim every mark, stain and dent when we move out =). But really, this is a pic of the kids on our back deck . . .I love the wooded creek that runs right through our backyard so fun to be doing dishes and look out a window at this beautiful scenery rather than stare at a wall. Also boasts an unfinished basement which in our house equals a room where the kids can play and not destroy anything but cement walls, scrap carpet and our old tv. Lovin' It!


Carrie said...

Hey Bri (this is Carrie, the Butler's basement dweller), I'm so jealous ya'll are in Kentucky. It was a border state during the Civil War, it still is...if you drive south of Louisville or Lexington you'll see oodles of Confederate flags. If you want my own personal list of "things you must see/do while in Kentucky" just let me know and I"ll send it on over.

Sarah said...

How exciting. Your back yard sounds awesome! That cracks me up about Dallas!

marissa said...

I miss you!! I want to see more pics of your great new house too! It sounds like things are good with a great ward and the boys playing how are things?

Em said...

I am soo glad that you have a little more space for your family. Hopefully, ortho residency won't be as time consuming as dental school, more family walks! Keep up the posting :)

Scott and Jamie said...

Good to hear you made it out here all in one peice. We got stuck in Kansas for 2 nights during a Tornado Storm when we moved out here... But yeah, I'm excited you're here and I'll get to meet your kids finally! We'll have to plan a temple trip soon or something.

Carrie said...

Here's a short list (I lived in Lexington so a lot of these things are about an hour from you):
*Mammoth Cave (largest cave system in the world)
*Keenland (Lexington's Horse Track, it's nicer than Churchill Downs and on Saturday mornings (till 9am) they have a huge $5 breakfast and tons of stuff for kids. The track is open Apr & Oct
*Natural Bridge (you'll want to keep the kids on a leash becuase it is an actual natural bridge:
*Kentucky has more festivals than any other state. They celebrate everything, it's hilarious:
*Tour a Horse farm (it's generally free if you call the farm yourself and set up a time):
*I hope you've had an Ale-8-One (best soda east of the Mississippi, if you haven't tried it buy some at the store). The factory is tiny and they do tours, it's just east of Lexington, kind of fun and you get a free bottle of soda!
*Berea Kentucky. This is a small town where Daniel Boone hung out, there is also an art college and TONS of Appalachian crafts
*If you want to go big time and travel a few hours for a vacation check out Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg TN. You can get some killer deals on cabins during the off season (and see Dolly Parton at Dolly World):
*Nashville, it's fairly close and a super fun city
*Boonsborough: Daniel Boone's place

Honestly, the farther east you go the crazier it gets. Lousiville is basically Indiana, for the real KY experience head east. But there are TONS of hidden treasures in the country side. Make sure someone takes you frog giggin' at least once. And enjoy a hotbrown while you can (will give you a heart attack but it's worth it).

If I think of anything else I"ll let you know

Erin said...

Isn't it great having an upgrade in living space! Supposedly you guys are only about 3 hours from us so we need to get together sometime during school. If you're ever headed up this way you are welcomed to stay with us!

Gwen said...

It sounds like you live in a great area! What an interesting family activity to go to the cemetary... what a great opportunity to teach your kids about our country and the sacrifices that were made to get it this way. Your view reminds me of our veiw in Portland! It really does give more inner peace just being able to look at such beauty through the day.

Curtis & Nichole said...


sorry I missed your call the other day...we were out of phone minutes and then when I realized you had AT&T too you had already hung up:)

anyways I LOVE your comments and pictures....especially Dallas' lax mood:) hehe